Take the Trash Out

I worked fifteen years as a therapist within several different community mental health agencies. The first twelve of those years I spent working with convicted sex offenders of various ages. My first four years as a therapist I worked exclusively with adolescent boys, roughly from ages fourteen to nineteen. I observed firsthand how warped powerContinue reading “Take the Trash Out”

Accepting Deficits Hidden Desperately

I had this conversation with my Dad the other day about ADHD. I told him I had been diagnosed by a psychiatrist at age 34 and didn’t think much of it at the time. This was likely some sort of ADHD response as well. I explained to him what ADHD was and how I haveContinue reading “Accepting Deficits Hidden Desperately”

This Does Not Mean What You Think It Means…

One of the many things I have realized this year is that I don’t believe I’ve ever truly experienced grief. Or I’ve never allowed myself to experience grief. I truly feel this is hard for me to say accurately. I didn’t experience grief when my mother died in 1998 because we had a terrible relationship.Continue reading “This Does Not Mean What You Think It Means…”

Burnout Turnabout

As many of us are experiencing trying times right now, I wanted to address the experience of burnout. My experience of this is pre-COVID and specific to mental health and human services. The levels of burnout described by first responders and medical personnel exceeds this and is of another level I have never experienced. IContinue reading “Burnout Turnabout”

So I Turned Myself To Face Me…Part 2

This resumes where Part 1 left off. I encourage everyone to read both parts for the sake of continuity. I found a job as a coach with a stop smoking tobacco program and left my position in the marijuana industry. Training for this position began at the beginning of March. This job seemed like anContinue reading “So I Turned Myself To Face Me…Part 2”

So I Turned Myself To Face Me…

When I became serious about starting my own coaching practice during the summer of 2020, it was after I had been undergoing serious personal transitions since I left my therapist position in early 2018. This started a crazy, upside-down, emotionally wrenching time for me. I had been a therapist for 15 years at this point,Continue reading “So I Turned Myself To Face Me…”