Accepting Deficits Hidden Desperately

I had this conversation with my Dad the other day about ADHD. I told him I had been diagnosed by a psychiatrist at age 34 and didn’t think much of it at the time. This was likely some sort of ADHD response as well. I explained to him what ADHD was and how I haveContinue reading “Accepting Deficits Hidden Desperately”

ADHD-All Decisions Hold Discoveries

You can guess what this post will be about by the title. For everyone who decided to go for it, despite what experience has tried to show you, maybe I can be a beacon for you. Don’t put yourself in unwinnable situations just to prove you can measure up to some ambiguous standard. It doesn’tContinue reading “ADHD-All Decisions Hold Discoveries”

So I Turned Myself To Face Me…Part 2

This resumes where Part 1 left off. I encourage everyone to read both parts for the sake of continuity. I found a job as a coach with a stop smoking tobacco program and left my position in the marijuana industry. Training for this position began at the beginning of March. This job seemed like anContinue reading “So I Turned Myself To Face Me…Part 2”

So I Turned Myself To Face Me…

When I became serious about starting my own coaching practice during the summer of 2020, it was after I had been undergoing serious personal transitions since I left my therapist position in early 2018. This started a crazy, upside-down, emotionally wrenching time for me. I had been a therapist for 15 years at this point,Continue reading “So I Turned Myself To Face Me…”