What’s in it for you?

  • Have you been told you have a high-conflict personality?
  • Does conflict always seem to follow you?
  • Is winning an argument more important to you than why you are arguing?
  • Do you seek conflict because you have no other way to resolve differences?
  • Do you believe communication with your partner/spouse/family is possible without conflict?
  • Are you always the person who has to “tell it like it is?”

I am a clinically informed coach with a background in forensic psychology who helps men with high-conflict personalities learn more effective ways to communicate.  Endless discord does not accomplish anything other than misery and isolation. I help men learn new ways to relate to their partners and families minus the suffocating conflict. My practice focuses on identifying unhealthy communication patterns and replacing them with assertive communication styles that foster understanding. This encourages resolution versus endless hostility. This is more than conflict management; these are techniques in optimum life-skill excellence.

Are you always the one who must “tell it like it is?” Can you get along with others and work effectively while on the job?  If you constantly find yourself in conflict, your message will continue to remain unheard. In addition, your needs and wants will continue to be unmet. I specialize in reshaping existing communication patterns so they become essential tools rather than debilitating impediments.

Resolving conflict starts and ends with clear communication. Many men spend their lives entrenched in outdated communication patterns that bring grief and estrangement rather than the success and togetherness they seek. Applying new communication skills opens the door to new vistas and new outcomes. Changing how you interact with the world opens the world to you.

Coaching Packages

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Communication Styles

Reprogram your language to simultaneously get your needs met and reduce conflict. This is where we apply both assertive communication and healthy boundaries to create clean, clear lines of communication.

  • Aggressive- Win/lose.
  • Passive – Lose/win.
  • Assertive- Win/win.
  • Assertive communication is the optimum style of communication, particularly when resolving conflicts.
  • Boundaries- What are they? Boundaries are our personal borders around what is and is not acceptable to us.
  • How to communicate healthy boundaries assertively (vs. aggressively.)
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Interpersonal Skills

This is where next level communication occurs. Applying all three of the concepts below equals clear and assertive communication where all sides are understood and get their needs met equally and equitably.  

  • Empathy- Can you see it from their perspective?
  • Etiquette- This is the accepted method of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular group.
  • Intimacy- This is how we connect with others.
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Advanced Concepts

Here is where we reach the top of the mountain. Understanding how others perceive you enables you to tailor responses that are engaging vs. inflammatory. This is champion level communication.

  • OPU Syndrome- (Only Person in Universe Syndrome) Are you simultaneously your greatest champion and your worst enemy?
  • SWAP – Strategic With People. Managing people with High Conflict Personality Style.
  • What it’s like to deal with you…An examination of how you impact(ed) others.
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