Help Me Help You Help Yourself

One of the many things that became apparent early into the pandemic was many people were able to work from home efficiently and easily. I remember reading this news was met with some surprise across a wide variety of industries. Much of the surprise came from industries that were thought to be office based only.Continue reading “Help Me Help You Help Yourself”

Playing Those Man Games

I recently read an article outlining all of the psychological reasons why men avoid seeking medical attention. The article was from a psychology journal and it reminded me of similar discussions I have had with former clients about “why we are the way we are.” This article observed this issue from several different psychological schoolsContinue reading “Playing Those Man Games”

Universe Conspiring Against You?

How do you handle adversity? All of us have periods where we feel any progress we make is completely uphill and difficult every step of the way. Other times it feels uphill all the way during a hailstorm walking over broken glass through a forest fire. Things can get unexpectedly tough and then they getContinue reading “Universe Conspiring Against You?”

Mind Your Boundaries, Part 2

I feel like we talk about boundaries quite a bit. Not just because I teach them, but because it seems we are talking about them incessantly as a culture and because I frequently see someone screaming about their boundaries being violated on social media. I will say I think social media has eroded our senseContinue reading “Mind Your Boundaries, Part 2”

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I came to coaching after a fifteen year career as a therapist working with convicted sex offenders, troubled juveniles, and people experiencing every manner of crisis imaginable. While I greatly enjoyed the intensity of working with the clients in my care, I realized after a few years I would not be able to do thatContinue reading “Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself”

Mind Your Boundaries, Part 1

What is a boundary? What are they and why do we have them? A common answer is “a physical barrier.” Very true. Now what purpose do they serve? The question is the same and so is the answer. They keep people outside a comfortable and appropriate space from you. Whether in front of your houseContinue reading “Mind Your Boundaries, Part 1”

Does Confidence = Toxicity?

Perhaps it’s the influence of social media or a misunderstanding on my part, but it seems that confidence has become a frequently maligned character trait.  While certain character traits are intended to be non-threatening, assertiveness, for example, a sense of confidence seems to be viewed with disdain by many. At some point, a healthy senseContinue reading “Does Confidence = Toxicity?”